Service Checklist for Flexform Fluid Cell Presses

Without sufficient preventive maintenance, the failure rate of electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical systems increases substantially with each year of production. A good PM program checks and replaces components to maximize uptime.

Check acid content of the oil

Castor oil may last for years but can eventually start to crystallize. The acid content in the oil indicates the condition of the oil and if, or when, it’s time to replace it.

Replace the Teflon between cylinder and filler pieces

The Teflon between filler pieces and cylinders serves to protect from metal to metal contact which may cause damages to the surfaces.

Replace the safety valve

To ensure safe operation, the safety valve should be replaced with regular intervals.

Measure the cylinder at six angles

The pre-stressed pressure vessel is the core of any Quintus press. By measuring the cylinder it’s verified that the vessel components are still intact and safe for further use. The measurement is analyzed by a Quintus specialist

Replace the intensifier’s sealing unit

With time and usage, getting up to pressure will take longer time. Therefore the sealing units in the pressure intensifier should be replaced on a regular basis.