Service Checklist for Cold Isostatic Presses

Without sufficient preventive maintenance, the failure rate of electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical systems increases substantially with each year of production. A good PM program checks and replaces components to maximize uptime.

Lubrication of lower closure

The lower closure will not be removed during normal operation. However, it will move slightly when the vessel is pressurized. Because of this, it’s important to keep the lower closure well lubricated.

Length and diameter measuring of the frame and cylinder

The pre-stressed pressure vessel is the core of any Quintus press. By measuring the frame and cylinder it’s verified that the vessel components are still intact and safe for further use. The measurement of frame and cylinder is analyzed by a Quintus specialist

Check for moisture on the cylinder wire

To keep the pre-stress in the cylinder, the wire has to stay in good condition.

Any source of moisture should be eliminated.

Alignment of the press

When installed, the Quintus press is aligned properly but with time foundations may set or change in other ways.

Crack inspection of upper and lower closure

In the case cracks would appear in the closure they can often be polished off.

However, should they occur, it’s critical that they are discovered as soon as possible.