Service agreements

Quintus Technologies offers three levels of service agreements designed to meet your needs; Lifecycle, Productivity and Support. Let's meet and discuss what level of service agreement that is right for you.



Lifecycle is our most advanced offering. It ensures the highest possible availability and utilization of the press, and enables you to focus on your core business and your markets. This agreement has a contract period of 10 years, with a 6 month termination clause.

During the contract period we guarantee the availability of your Quintus press. All spares and wears are included; we manage logistics as well as stock. You will have one single point of contact, giving you access to our expertise, trouble-shooting via helpdesk, and opportunity for remote diagnostics.

We handle certification of personnel, periodic training, annual inspections and reports. Through our customer portal you will have easy access to all documentation. Major overhauls, including materials and periodic upgrades are also included in the agreement. Our response time is maximum 24 hours, and you get a 20 percent discount on emergency dispatches, in the event you need a field service engineer on site.


If your service needs are limited, or you have in-house maintenance support, the Productivity Service agreement may be what you are looking for.

The contract is for 5-8 years, still with a 6 month termination clause. The difference is that you will execute your own maintenance, not us.

Nor do we offer periodic upgrades, but the rest is the same – including the 24 hour response time, and the 20 percent discount on emergency dispatches.


The Support alternative is perfect for manufacturers where availability and utilization rates are less critical. The agreement runs over 5 years and gives you access to our expertise, trouble-shooting via our help desk and access to remote diagnostics.

We do necessary annual inspections and provide your staff with periodical training.

Our response time is maximum 48 hours, and you get a 10 percent discount on all spares and wears and emergency dispatches.

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Service & Support

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