Cold Isostatic Presses

Quintus Cold Isostatic Press
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Pressure up to 7,000 bar (100,000 psi)

Ambient temperature up to 93°C (200°F)

Vessel diameter 51 mm–3 meters
(2 in–10 ft)

CIP Features


Every QUINTUS CIP features a vessel and yoke frame that are fully pre-stressed and wire-wound with high tensile cold-rolled spring steel wire. The pre-stressing causes the pressure vessel wall to remain in residual compression, even at maximum operating pressure, eliminating tensile loads and preventing crack propagation.

It is widely acknowledged to be the safest, most reliable and durable pressure containment system ever designed. The vessel meets “leak-rather-than-burst” criteria as defined in the ASME code, and typically has a calculated fatigue life of more than 20,000 cycles. Because the load-absorbing wire in the QUINTUS design have a tensile strength twice that of a forging, the system is lightweight and compact, with a savings in weight up to 50% compared to non wire-wound forged vessels.

Quintus HIP wire wound technology

Decompression capabilities

The decompression system decompresses the pressure inside the CIP at the end of the hold time. The decompression system can be designed to fit your process needs whether your needs are to get maximum productivity or maximum accuracy and fine decompression.

Decompression Cycle

Decompression cycle

Modularized solutions

A complete plant based on Quintus Modularized solution is space-saving and cost effective, on a complete plant investment level. This due to the requirement on the building and civil work is uncomplicated with the Modularized solution that facilities all sub-systems into a complete cost effective production entity.

Turn key deliveries

Quintus Technologies has experience from large number of Cold Isostatic Presses installation, word-wide. Our project management method in place is well proven giving the customer a single point of contact until the equipment is ready for take over and production start.

Medium CIP Systems

Research scale CIPs

These compact, self-contained units are fast, convenient, and inexpensive systems for basic research, feasibility, and prototyping

studies of cold isostatic pressing. More Quintus CIPs are used in industrial, government, and university laboratories than any other isostatic press. Many are also used in small-batch production operations.

Pilot plant/mid-range production CIPs

For higher volume production applications, we offer a full line of CIPs with totally automated vessel operation. A touch of a button activates the entry and removal of the cover and basket, threadless pin closure, water filling and draining, and controlled pressurization and depressurization. This design provides the fastest available means for isostatic processing of production components.

Large CIP Systems

CIPs that fit your needs

Quintus Technologies has a Cold Isostatic Press (CIP) design to fit virtually any size and pressure requirement you may have. CIP pressure vessel diameters from 51 mm to 3 meters and pressures up to 6,000 bar are available.

We can offer the precise pressure vessel design that will give you the most economical solution to your cold isostatic pressing needs. Vessels are built in accordance with ASME Section VIII, Div. 3, and can be certified in accordance with CE and the PED, the European Pressure Equipment Directive and other international pressure vessel regulations.

Designed to last

Cold isostatic presses are designed for maximized cycle life, optimized selection of subsystem components for maximum throughput, and precise control of pressurization and depressurization for consistency of results. They feature our QUINTUS® wire wound and pre-stressed pressure vessel and frame design that provides maximum safety and weight savings of up to 50% when compared to other pressure vessel designs, simplifying your foundation, building and installation requirements.

We provide easy periodic inspection techniques to keep your CIP in peak operating condition over thousands of cycles.

CIP Supporting the Ceramic Industry

CIP is used to consolidate metal- and ceramic powders to make a “green” part that can be further treated, i.e. rolling, machining or sintering.

Do you want to know more?

Quintus listened carefully to our requirements and helped us to refine them into a solution that will serve our manufacturing process now and well into the future. Most importantly it was delivered and installed on time and without issues, allowing us to begin production on schedule.
Reference | Plansee Metall GmbH Quintus Technologies Takes an Idea from Concept to Reality
We faced a colossal challenge! A cold isostatic press was needed to increase density of a 7,000 mm long part made from advanced materials. The CIP would need to fit into an existing manufacturing space, use existing overhead crane equipment, and have minimal impact on the existing structure.
Reference | A Global Isostatic Processing Company Quintus Technologies Turns the CIP Business on its Side